Saturday, August 21, 2010

Summer's Ending

I'm feeling so bummed about summer coming to an end. I should have made that a sad face on the "2010" above.

Our neighborhood pool is okay, but our favorite pool down the street closed last week without me realizing it. I had planned to take the kids one more time, but it closed too soon. I thought for sure they'd stay open until Labor Day. Now every time I drive past it, I just get sad. The kids really loved that place.

I'm going to miss seeing these little chubby toes in flipflops. His feet barely fit in these flips. The strap on top gets a little tight. His other sandals have to be buckled on the last hole just to fit his foot inside. No other shoes fit his feet. I think we've even tried 3 different sizes of Toms. We thought they might fit with the velcro straps. Nope. His feet are just too fat for shoes. Soon, these little pie feet will be covered in socks. No fun. It's hard to imagine that someday these little feet will be all grown and stinky and, as my favorite blogger mentioned once about her sons, maybe even hairy! Ewww.

However, the plus side in summer ending is that it makes it a little nicer to play outside without getting totally sticky and sweaty. The other night was a tad cooler than our usual 100+ weather, so we played outside and it was actually very pleasant. I forgot what that was like. Normally we all go in extra grimy and the kids' sweaty clothes go straight to the washer instead of their hampers. This night, that wasn't necessary. That was also kinda nice.

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Anonymous said...

Cal's new flip flops are much better than his old ones. I hope to never see gold buckles on his feet ever again