Wednesday, August 4, 2010


On my way home (aka my parents' house out in the boonies) I stopped at an antique store and found all these goodies. I've been wanting some blue Mason jars but they are a little pricey and I found these for $2! The kids' books were 50 cents each and in PERFECT condition. They look like the kind of books we had in Sunday School when I was a little kid. The old cookbooks are for some projects I have in mind. But if those projects don't pan out, I'd like to do this.
The quilt top is going to be a quilt that I am going to finish for Lola's bed when she moves out of her toddler bed. It was only $15 and it's either a full or queen size. Since all of the fabrics are vintagey, I want to get some really pretty modern fabric -- maybe Heather Bailey or Amy Butler -- to do on the backside; create a huge contrast. This, however, is all dependent on if I can get KJ's grandma to help me out :) She's the world's best quilter and has made all the kids, grandkids, and now great-grandkids their own quilts. She's gonna think I'm crazy showing up with this old topper!
The old Christmas ornaments are just bc I love vintage Christmas decor! They're tiny, but will be so cute sitting out with my wannabe collection. I also bought a wooden pop bottle crate but I forgot to put it in the picture. I had so much fun browsing at that store. I want to go back next time without my sidekick Lolabee. She made me a nervous wreck with so many antiques and glassware around. She was an angel, but I just had butterflies the whole time! Next time, I'm on a mission to find vintage Barbie clothes for a project that's brewing in my head....

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