Thursday, August 19, 2010

Girls (Cousins)

Easter 2010
Lola, Teagan, & Payton
Little girl cousins.
Going for a cruise around the pond.
I'm so glad Lola has cousins close to her age, and especially since they're girls. As a kid, I always thought it'd been fun to have that. All of my cousins were boys and they were all just enough older than me that there wasn't much interest in hanging out together. Poor Cal, he's now the only boy in this newest generation. I never really noticed that...

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Tina said...

Where's the life jackets mama? Just kidding they were surrounded by 6 adults and were next to the shore didn't want people to think you were slacking. I'm glad Lola has girl cousins close in age too, bc you and Justin both didn't have any cousins close in age.