Thursday, August 5, 2010

Lil Woman Driver

I grew up on a ranch out in the country. I had no idea how awesome that really was at the time. Now that I'm a parent, I'd give almost anything for my kids to have that opportunity. At this stage, my kids will never know what it's like to just hop on a 3-wheeler and literally ride around all day, exploring, pretending, or chasing each other. There's no limits. Well, there's fence lines but that's about it. It's quiet. Summer nights are THE BEST. The stars, crickets chirping, a few oil wells pumping in the distance, and even coyote pups, it's just divine. It's sheer happiness to go home and relax and let the kids roam around. But I digress...

This post is supposed to be about Lolabee's new Jeep. I think the pictures speak for themselves. Cal was her passenger. He has fun, but is also a little freaked out at times. Beezy is a wild driver. I tried forever to get a picture that wasn't blurry or got the fronts of their faces, and I only ended up getting run over. Literally. Bee will cruise til the battery dies. So fun to watch her go. For now, it's as close as she can get to roaming in the country :)

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Tina said...

I believe Lola takes after her mama driving and Cal looks like Justin did when you used to drive him around in the Bronco, remember the Walmart parking lot?