Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Cherry Berry

Friday night, I took Lola to Cherry Berry. She LUVS Cherry Berry. She knows how to get there from our house. We don't go there super often, but just enough to make it a special treat when we do. Since she had such a great first week at her new school and had also been a very good helper all week, she deserved a treat. We had a girls' night. After supper, we loaded up and away we went. She gets soooo excited! It makes me happy that we can do these little things for her.
It was a busy night but we were able to get a kid-sized table and here she is enjoying her reward. She got her usual: chocolate, strawberry, and birthday cake with sprinkles, gummy bears, and a gummy worm. It sounds like a lot, but she really gets just a couple good squirts of the fro-yo and the toppings are very minimal. By the end of her dessert, she had goosebumps and told me her teeth were cold.

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