Friday, August 20, 2010

Meet Rainbow Sparkle

This past spring, my dad got Lola her very own horse: Rainbow Sparkle. Dad had looked for about a year for a sweet, gentle little horse when he found this one. Lola knew her grandpa was on the search for a horse for her and she always told us she was going to name it Sparkle.

This horse came from a family who had kids who had outgrown her. Her name was Rainbow.

Around this time, Lola was really interested in the story of Noah's ark and she was all about rainbows. In fact, her birthday party was rainbow-themed. It was so "ironic" that Dad finally brought home this sweet little pony whose name was Rainbow. So, rather than give her a new name, Lola just named her Rainbow Sparkle. It's a rather long name for such a little horse, but I think it fits her just perfectly.

This was, I think, the very first time she got to ride her. My brother led her around my parents' yard. Shorts and flipflops are not the typical horseback riding attire, but it was a little impromptu so we made do.

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Tina said...

AWWWW! Rainbow Sparkle is a mess. She climbs under the fence to get out and graze with the cattle then she crawls back in to eat with the other horses. And she likes to poop under my carport and I tell Lola I am going to spank her but that upsets her so I guess I will just keep on scooping the poop up.