Tuesday, August 17, 2010

First Day of Preschool

This morning was the kids' first day of preschool. This was actually Cal's first-ever day at school. They're attending preschool at a nearby church and I'm so excited for them! Cal's only going one day a week and Lola's going three days a week. They're only there for three hours each morning. Their school's program comes highly recommended from friends as well as total strangers I've met at the park and pool, etc. I'm still learning about possibly homeschooling them as they get a bit older, but until then, this program will be great.
Lola loves having a "packpack." She knows they're called backpacks, but still prefers to call them packpacks. She's so silly.

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Tina said...

MY! Lola's packpack is as big as she is. I know she loves to learn and I can't wait to hear about her day at school. Now I hope you told them Cal likes his snacks, I see by the picture he has already started. I love being able to keep up with them on this blog since we don't live nearby, your Dad looks forward to the daily news also.