Monday, August 16, 2010


These are all of our kids' great-grandparents. I'm so glad I have these pictures. Sadly, KJ's grandpa, "Poppa Cleo," passed away a couple months after Cal was born. This is the only picture I have of him with the kids, and the only picture I have of him and Cal. Boy, I wish he was around to see the kids grow. I think he'd think they were hoots! Also in that picture is "Mammaw." She's who to call when you need to learn anything to do with sewing. She's also one of the most patient, calm people I've ever met.

The second picture is "Granny Helen." KJ's other grandma. We're so glad she recently moved back to Oklahoma. She makes THE BEST Banberry (banana-cranberry) jam in the whole world. She only makes it around Christmas so we have to make the jar or two we get last the whole year. Someday I hope she can teach me how to make it too. She always makes me laugh.

The last picture is "Gaga." This is my grandma. I wish I had a picture of her with Cal as a newborn, but I was still a little loopy from having a C-section at the point that she was at the hospital. She thrives on saving up little goody bags of snacks for the kids. She also grows cherry tomatoes on her porch and insists that Lola come by and pick them when we're in town. She's who to call when you need someone to pray for you.

I'd give my left arm if all of our other grandparents could be around to meet our kids. I never knew my dad's parents bc they passed when he was a teenager. I have an idea of the type of people they were though; my dad recently made the comment that I must have gotten some of his mom's genes when it comes to cooking and enjoying the process of it. I felt so happy to have that in common with her. The only other grandparents that I was close to besides Gaga was my Grandpa and Grandma Robedeaux. I think I have as many, if not more, memories of being with them as a kid as I do my own parents. They always made me feel like a princess. Grandpa was very artsy/creative and outspoken; he was just so awesome. He built me a playhouse that was wired for electricity! Grandma was the best person to play with; you can't measure the amount of time she spent nurturing my imagination through playtime. HOURS. She was also the one who took me to travel overseas and lots of places here in the USA. She was full-blood Osage and was very cultural and appreciative of fine arts; she was the one who bought me a piano when I was in first grade and made sure I learned how to play. I took lessons for 10 years.

Although my kids won't know or remember all of their ancestors, we will always be sure to share stories about them and help them to "know" them as best they can.

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Tina said...

I believe that if your great-grandparents were alive today they would feel just like your Dad & I about these awesome grandkids. We too are so blessed to have them, words sometimes are hard to express what it means to us but you know that we love all of you. Thanks for our wonderful grandbabies.