Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Cal (cheap toys)

Cal found my wooden yardstick the other afternoon and it became his favorite toy. He'd just walk around dragging it, poking things, hitting things, tapping it, on and on. He was so happy.

I was a little nervous -- not because he was hurting anything/anyone -- but that thing cost me $7 at Hobby Lobby! Not a little cheapy one.

I try to tell the grandparents that the kids don't need toys. They (the g-parents) are relentless. I'm going to start taking pics of the fun my pumpkins have using everyday objects as their toys, and then post them here as proof. I love it bc they're using their imaginations. I love it almost as much bc it's free.

Below, he just wanted to stab me while I was trying to take some pics. Lola never did things like that. Maybe it's a boy thing?

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Cal is straight up mean when he has that stick with the pointing finger thing out at mom and dad's.