Thursday, August 5, 2010

Sledding (January 2010)

Since it's only about 104 degrees here lately, I thought it'd be a tiny bit fun to look back at what we were doing at Christmas this past year. Sledding! On an old truck hood! How hillbilly can you get?! But nothing is funner!!

This was Lola's first time to sled like this. This is how we always did when I was a kid. Just tie the hood to a truck and go for it. So fun; especially when the driver does a bunch of donuts. On this particular day, there was only one wipeout and Lola loved it! Nobody was hurt. Lots and lots of laughs. But man, it was so, so, so cold this day! It hurt to breathe even.

I detest wintertime. There is literally not one single shred in me that looks forward to it each year. But at least when you get snowed in out in the country, we can always go hillbilly sledding.

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Tina said...

That day was so much fun even when Justin threw KJ and Lola off. And it's not hillbilly to ride a car hood. Remember you were the one screaming and Lola was telling you "it's alright Mama."