Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The things she says (Unicorn)

Lola got a haircut last week. She hasn't had her hair this short since before Cal was born. She loves it and I think it fits her personality. (That's also a headband I made her this summer. Considering making some more for my Etsy shop...???)

Bee gave all 4 of us new names recently:
My new name is "Polka Dot."
Cal is "Have Fun."
She named herself "Unicorn."
And the best of all, KJ is now "Bruce!"

We have no idea where she got the name Bruce bc we don't even know anyone with that name. She loves to call us by our new names. It does make for pretty entertaining conversation.

For instance, this morning I called Bruce to let him know how Have Fun's doctor visit went. Unicorn wanted to eat at Corn Medida (Casa Bonita) for supper. Polka Dot and Bruce are so blessed to have such good kids.

I'm thinking that maybe someday when I'm a grandma, I'll have my grandkids call me Polka Dot. I think that'd be cute. I love my Unicorn.