Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Family Heritage (My Osage side)

Waaaaay out in the middle of nowhere sits my great-great-grandparents' old house. They were full-blood Osage, therefore explaining why there's an Osage roundhouse on their property. The house was built in the late 1800's-very early 1900's and, remarkably, is still in very good condition considering no one lives there. There's no roads to get to it. There's no running water. No indoor bathroom. My mom spent lots of time there as a kid and I've heard the stories of using the outhouse in the middle of the night. Yikes.

I make it to "the camp" as we call it about once a year. On this trip, me and KJ had gone down to mow it. Every time I'm there I just get lost in the history. It's such a unique place. I LOVE the house. My great-grandma always kept it maintained and pretty much true to its origins, so that explains the cool colors. Red & yellow! If you look closely at the windows, you can see how they're the originals with the little stained glass squares framing it. LOVE them. The big front porch. My dream. Since I was a little kid, I remember making the trek down to the camp and just thinking it was so cool even then. It's like stepping back in time. I'd give anything to have a house built almost just like it--except with a bathroom. I love how the kitchen is at the very back of the house and there's a breezeway. Just too cool.

I have always liked these old fences. Not sure why. I think the little scallops across the top are what make it so cute. You just can't get stuff like that these days.

The magnificent windows....

This is just a sign that you come across along the way. I don't know who made it but I thought it was kind of funny. It's not too old.


Tina said...

The round house you refer to is actually a church house where your great-great granparents had prayer meetings. There are not alot of them still being used but as such infact not alot of them still in good shape like this one. Must be over 100 yrs old.

Anonymous said...

Roundhouse? Aye aye aye