Friday, September 24, 2010

Goodies with Grandparents (9-16-10)

I love the kids' school. Their teachers are so friendly and really seem to enjoy kids in general. Last week they had a "Goodies with Grandparents" day. My mom came to town so that she could attend with Lola, and KJ's dad was able to get away from work for a bit to hang out with Cal. Each class had donuts and special gifts to give the grandparents. I was able to hang out just long enough to take a few pictures of the special morning. Gramby and Poppers were each able to peek inside the other kid's room on their way out, so that nobody was left out.

It was originally scheduled to last only 20 minutes, but in Lola's room they stayed a little longer so that they could show their families how they do their pledge to the US flag, the Christian flag, and the Bible. They also sang their "Months of the Year" song and did their weather bear. Good times. Thanks for coming Gramby and Poppers!

In Cal's room, we all got a good laugh bc when they placed his half of the donut in front of him, he said, "MMMmmmmm." Look at his face in the second picture. LOL Obviously it was a special treat bc he doesn't get glazed donuts too often around here!


Anonymous said...

Cal does seem to be enjoying that donut, but who's the babe behind him in the last pic? Lol

Tina said...

Nothing makes me happier than being with the grandkids. I loved being there with them they are the greatest!