Friday, September 10, 2010


Much to KJ's dismay, one of Cal's favorite things to do around the house is push Lola's baby buggy. He typically throws out the cradle part of it and really prefers just the frame. We've tried hiding the buggy and giving him a toy mower to play with, but he doesn't dig that as much.

On this day, Bee hopped in and Cal happily pushed her around the house. He had to really struggle most of the time, but was loving every minute of it. So was she. She'd just holler out, "Push!!!!!" And he'd keep pushing. These pics are proof of how hard she had him working for her!

(Please ignore Lola's crazy hair. Since it was Labor Day, her daddy was around to do our morning routine of dressing, brushing teeth, etc. However, Daddy rarely bothers with fixing hair. At least the bird's nest wasn't as obvious as usual.)

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Tina said...

Maybe Cal is working up to when he can push a real lawn mower.