Thursday, September 2, 2010

Lawnmower & Letters

Cal was cracking himself up here. That little mower makes a "gunk-gunk-gunk" sound, like if you were pouring something down a drain. He thinks it's hysterical. So in every one of these pics, he's laughing at that sound. He'd turn the knob to make it go off again, then make sure I was listening and laughing too. He's so silly. The very first picture is my favorite.
Meanwhile, my other child was practicing writing her letters on her Leap Frog thingy. She is a little brainiac, and I'm not just saying that bc she's my kid. She loves to learn. She takes learning very seriously, as these pics prove. (Granted, in that one pic she's tracing a heart, but all the rest were letters.) She's known and been able to identify the alphabet since she was two. Uppercase and lowercase. She's at the point now that she knows all the sounds that each letter makes and can even sound out simple words. (Thank you, Super Why!) She does a good job at writing too. She can write her name and Cal's, and is working on a few other letters that stump her. She always gets her J's backwards, though. I admit, I work with her a lot in an unstructured manner. She just really enjoys her little workbooks and learning new things. It's crazy! Homeschooling her would be such an adventure, but something I'm seriously researching and learning about. At this point, it's a very good possibility that that's what we'll be doing next year. And, Cal will even get in on the excitement as well. It's a little tougher to try to understand how he works since he's still so young. He does enjoy scribbling and putting stickers on paper, though... I've just kind of learned how Lola works and so it makes it easy to teach her new things. She's definitely a hands-on learner.
I was so proud of her today bc when I picked her up from preschool, one of her teachers said that she was the only kid this week who knew her Bible memory verse! She also remember last week's verse. She's such a neat little kid and I realize I'm gushing about her, but since she's my little munchkin, I think that's okay once in a while. :) I always downplay compliments when it comes to her, but she deserves a little recognition for all of her big accomplishments. I'm so proud of her!

I kept saying, "Bee, can you show me your eyes? Will you please give me a smile? Don't you dare look at me..." (she loves playing that whole reverse psychology thing.) Nope, nothing. She was focused on her letters. Oh well.

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