Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Camping Out

Over Labor Day weekend, we camped out with the kids. It was the first time they'd ever slept in a tent overnight. My parents and brother joined us for hot dogs and S'mores, but it was just me, KJ and the kids who camped out. The kids had a blast! It took Cal a while to calm down and go to sleep bc he just wanted to run around the tent. Lola snuggled into her little sleeping bag and extra blankets and she went to sleep so easily. They were fascinated by all the coyotes and their pups that we could hear in the distance.

We camped out just down the road from my parents' house. We didn't rough it too much this go-around. Overnight, it got COLD. At least the kids were bundled up. You can tell from looking at the pond that it was pretty chilly down in that valley.

This is a little picnic area on my family's property. There's a pond and tables with a little shelter. My family has gathered for cookouts here my entire life. The brick fireplace was built to cook on nearly 50 years ago -- according to my dad. We have all of our holiday cookouts here. Good memories.

Cal had dried S'mores marshmallow on his chin -- well, actually it was all over him -- and we the fuzziness of his pj's, it made him a little hairy beard. LOL

Good morning!!!!! Check out Lola's ultra-over-the-top fake smile. She is crazy.


Tina said...

We all had a good time at the little campout. Next time you all can go to another pasture, but maybe I will keep Cal with us.

Elizabeth said...

I love Lola's smile in the last picture.