Thursday, September 2, 2010

Jumpin' Jumpin'

This weekend we went to some friends' house for supper and Bee got to jump on a big trampoline for the first time ever. Our neighbor has a little trampoline that she's jumped on a few times, but when she heard that she'd get to jump on a "huuuuuuuge" one, she was pumped!
Cal, on the other hand, watched from below. We were going to put him up in it with the girls, but he decided he'd rather run around in the grass and splash in the little water puddles in the yard. After supper the girls jumped some more but this time they added a sprinkler. Much fun! Cal didn't seem to be too impressed with three little girls laughing and screaming wildly at the same time. Most of our friends' kids are little girls, so he's really outnumbered for the time being. KJ says that when he's older, he'll love it. Something to do with "the pretty, older girls" or something...???
Look at that kid's legs! The crazy thing is they're much less chunky now than they were a few months ago. I love it! Lola was like that too but it's hard to imagine that now. Here he's pointing to the newborn our friend was holding. He was a little fascinated by baby Ryker -- but much too busy to give him too much attention. There's just something so fun about playing with other kids' toys, I guess.


amanda torres said...

I love, love, love all those rolls!

Tina said...

Do we need a trampoline now?? I love the rolls too.