Friday, October 1, 2010

Cal's favorite book

When Beezy was Cal's age, she was a talker. She could tell you her name, how old she was, she could make all kinds of animal sounds, identify and somewhat pronounce most of those animals.
Cal, on the other hand, will only really say ball, Poppa, bye-bye. Sometimes he'll say bubble when he sees a pool/pond/pic of the ocean. Grandparents claim he'll say mama and da-da when we're not around, but I've never heard him actually say it on command.
When you ask him to say a word, he just smiles instead. Stinker.
It's funny, though how he may not be able to say very many words, but TOTALLY and COMPLETELY understands exactly what you tell him.
(*Notice I didn't say "obey" what you tell him...ha!)
So, without comparing him to his big sister (I do realize they all develop at different ages), we've been trying to get him to at least practice saying different words. He loves this one book in particular. He doesn't say the words, but loves to be quizzed, "Where's the shark?" etc.
I'm realizing that in many ways he's so very different than Bee.
But that's okay; I love him just how God created him.
He's so rough and goofy and messy and lovable.

Beezy trying to teach him. Poor kid, he has me and Lola both bugging him to talk!

KJ & his Mini Me. I don't see it but EVERYONE says Cal looks just like KJ.

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