Monday, October 4, 2010

The Dairy Farm (Lola)

Lola's preschool class took a field trip to a dairy farm in Sperry. This was her first field trip ever. She was so excited to ride a school bus. Lola's class is called the Gray Elephants and all the kids are supposed to wear their class t-shirt on field trips. Being that her's wasn't very feminine, I decided to spruce it up some. On the back of her shirt, I added a flower to the big elephant's ear, and on the front I added a tiny little skirt to one of the elephants as well as a flower on another elephant. Much better! She got lots of compliments. I was going to add a skirt to the big elephant on the back, but was afraid to make her shirt too different from everyone elses.

I noticed after the fact that in almost every group picture I took, there's always at least one kid picking their nose. Gross. I just didn't post the one of Lola picking her nose. Haha!
Needless to say, there was lots of cow manure. Lola's grown up around it and has never seems fazed by it, but after seeing all the other little kids gagging at the smell of it, she decided to get grossed out too. Such a copycat.
She refused to milk a cow. I think every other kid gave it a shot, but she wouldn't touch it.
Giant "refrigerator" of milk. She was impressed by all that milk!
Waiting to head back to Tulsa.....
Once we hit the road, she was out! I remember doing the exact same thing as a kid when riding the bus home. We were usually the last ones to get dropped off out in the country and I remember getting so drowsy on the way. The windows would be open, it'd be quiet....made for good naps after a day in elementary. In fact, I remember our bus driver scolding me for falling asleep on the bus a few times bc I/we would end up slumped down in the seat and he would forget we were still on there.

I feel so lucky to be able to attend these things with my kids. If I were still working, it wouldn't be possible without a lot of schedule shifting and hassle. I'm beginning to see how quickly time flies with the kids, so I never take for granted the time I get with them.

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amanda torres said...

Looks like an awesome time. BTW, I'll be sending all of Addie's non-girlish things your way for a little 'spruce' up. Too cute!