Thursday, October 7, 2010

My Etsy Shop

This week in the middle of the super busiest day in a long time, I got an email notifying me that I had made my first Etsy sale! It was quite a surprise! This girl was in Georgia and had bought the brown recipe box. I was so excited and wanted to get it sent out right away so I packaged it up and headed to the post office. Luckily my mom was here with the kids so I had a chance to ship my box in between the kids' swimming lessons (where I have to be in the water with Cal), helping set up a book fair, low blood sugar, buying snacks for the week for Cal's preschool class, Lola's ballet class, and supper at our new Applebees.
As soon as I sent that shipment off, I headed to Target to get the snacks for Cal's class and while I was there I got another email saying that someone in Colorado had just bought one of the wreaths! WHAT?!? Awesome! So I bought some shipping supplies for that while I was there and headed home. That shipment went out this morning. (Tuesday as I'm writing this.)
I also got a surprise mention from one of my favorite bloggers, Julie, at I was shocked when I got a text and email from friends asking if I'd seen her post. My friend Ashley at Under the Sycamore ( -- my all-time favorite blog-- has a button on her blog for my Etsy store this month as well, so between the two, I'm guessing that's what led to the sales. Fun!!! THANK YOU!
Now I've gotta get some more stuff made to replace them in the shop, as well as try to get the original products I had planned on making completed too. There is just not enough time.... :) Being creative and making things is an ultra-far cry from court reporting. It's like black and white. Everyone that's known me for very long knows that crafting has always been kind of "my" thing, (hello, I'd decorate and cook for my mom's Bunko parties as a high schooler just as an excuse to get to make cute little things!) so it's fun to get to do that and earn a little money on the side. I'm having fun :)

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Tina said...

Congrats on your sales! I am so happy for you. I know you enjoy cooking & crafting I just wonder where you got that?