Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Corn Maize Field Trip

I thought about dragging out this post into two or three days just bc there's so many pics, but ultimately decided to share it all at once. Last week, Lolabee's class went on another field trip, this time to the Corn Maize. This was my first time to visit and I have now added it to my list of annual things to do. She had a blast. I think the pictures speak for themselves. So fun!

That great big smile in the bottom pic is Lolabee riding the schoolbus. That's how every field trip starts out: Giant smile and excited to ride the bus. Every field trip ends with her asleep in my lap. The Duck Race was lots of fun for her; such simple activities, but she loved all of them.

The Corn Box was probably her favorite. She thought it was so cool to rock out in all those corn kernels. I'm still finding kernels in the car and a few in the kitchen. Notice her bling on her left hand. She's super proud of that jewel. She got it in the treasure box at school and has worn it almost everyday since. She even takes the time to wash it separately when washing her hands.
Cow Train; Poppa Bobcat needs to make one of these! While observing her on these field trips, I've noticed she tends to hang out with the boys a little more than the girls. I noticed that she likes to chat and, most times, they seem to find her a little entertaining. I can relate to having lots of guy friends, though. In my teen years, I quickly learned that being friends with the guys was MUCH MUCH MUCH less drama -- especially in a small town. The guys always made me laugh, and they liked to eat my mom's cooking. For now, though, I think it's so fun to see her little personality around all the kids. She's very sweet, likes to laugh, takes direction very well, and is a little shy in some circumstances. I just love her.

The hay ride. I happened to catch Lolabee really telling this little boy something. (bottom pic, middle) He was listening so intently. I wish I knew what in the heck 3-year-olds could be discussing so seriously. Corn Cop made me laugh. Neon green Chucks. Bee's shadow waving.

Hay Hop. Enough said.

The Corn Maize. She'd pretend she was Dora at times, working her way through an adventure. Fascinated by the ears of old corn she'd find. On this trip, I also noticed that, at least at this age, she can be somewhat of a loner. I totally relate to that too! It's not bad by any means; she just was confident enough to explore on her own and still always had fun. That's not to say she never played with the other kids, though. I always want her to be who God created her to be.

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Tina said...

We,ll see if Poppa can come up with something similar to the cow ride. That looks like a fun day, yes Lola is a lot like her mom when she was little, I love all the pics.