Monday, October 11, 2010

Gun show

Would you like tickets to the gun show?

Here's 3-month-old Cal. He was right at 17 pounds and wearing 9 month clothes. By his four-month visit the next month he would weigh in at 19 pounds and move up to size 12-18 month clothes. Ironically, the exact same clothes he wore last September (shorts & t's) he wore this September. LOL He thinned out enough that all his old clothes still fit. He was just so chunky last year that we couldn't fit pants over his thighs and diaper (and belly for that matter) so he had to wear clothes with a much bigger waistband. The clothes didn't even look big on him, they fit him just right. He basically skipped all "new baby" clothes and went straight to the toddler stuff.

He also lost his hair :( He had a good, pretty thick head of hair as a new baby, but it eventually disappeared and came in BLONDE. Never in my life did I picture myself with blonde-haired, blue-eyed kids.

two months old

four months old


Tina said...

Oh Gramby's chunky monkey. I love those rolls he takes after me in those days.

Anonymous said...

The Michelin man!!!