Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The Book Bag

Since this past week has been all about reading and books, I figured I'd share this last little post on the topic. It was Bee's turn to bring home The Book Bag from her class. The idea is to fill the bag with your kid's 2-3 favorite books, then return it to school and the teacher will read one of your books during storytime every day. Bee was so excited to participate. It took her all evening to finally make her final decision on which two books to take. She finally narrowed it down to these two. Drumroll, please....

A Penny for Whiffles

Every Cowgirl Needs a Horse

The old Whiffles book is one I bought at a craft show this summer from a used book dealer. There's just something I love about old, vintage books. I think the illustrations are much cuter too. The Cowgirl book was a birthday gift we got her. She loves horses. I was a little surprised she didn't take Pout Pout Fish bc she reads that all the time. (Thanks, Jodi!!!)


Tina said...

Her poppa Bob will be so glad she chose horse books, he still has hopes she will be his cowgirl.

Jodi said...

I don't remember Pout Pout Fish...did she get that on our ice cream trip??? I love her! I bet she's the cutest one in her class! Do they have "aunt" day where I can go eat donuts with her?!

Jamie said...

Jodi: Yes, "Pout Pout Fish" is one of the books you got her on y'alls ice cream date. LOL

I'll tell them they need a "Nutty Cookies with Nutty Auntie Day." haha!