Sunday, September 14, 2008


MOPS starts Tuesday, Sept. 16 at 9:30 at FBC-BA and I can't wait! I started going to MOPS for the first time last year (obviously, bc I was finally a mom) and it's just so much fun. It's basically a mommy group that meets for two hours twice a month. Childcare is provided. We just get together to enjoy breakfast/brunch, have a short devotional, and then make a craft. (And the crafts are always useful, adult crafts i.e. cute fabric-covered nightlights, pretty platters, etc. Not like popsicle sticks and Elmer's glue type of kiddie crafts.) I'd guess that last year there was probably a hundred women each week, give or take. (?) They do lots of giveaways, too. It's nice to just get together and hang out while you know your kids are being well taken care of. The ladies in charge of MOPS do a great job and I love seeing what each new get-together will bring. It's open to moms of babies birth through 4 or maybe kindergarten (??) This year's theme is "Adventures in Mothering" and I'm sure it's going to be a blast.

If you'd like to go or know someone who would, let me know and we can meet up! I don't always get to go due to my work schedule, but most of the time my depositions aren't until the afternoon so I get to go :) Much fun!

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