Tuesday, September 2, 2008

The Latest Trick 'Round Here

I think the title of this post speaks for itself. That's a baby blanket around Lola, and then Kendall swings her from front to back. (Kinda fast, I might add) She laughs nonstop every time he does this with her. It always reminds me of that ride at the fair that's a big pirate ship with mermaid bodies on each end.

The second pic is my attempt of an action shot of Lola in motion. It's really exciting to lay on the floor and let your husband swing your one-year-old directly over you. He promises me that he's got a death grip on the blanket -- not for my sake, but for hers!


Jami said...

That cracks me up! Amazing the games you come up with when you have a kid lol. I love those crazy times!

Cassy Russell said...

I love reading your blog, Jamie. Lola is getting so big. The Daughtry song you have playing always makes me cry, so I have to turn down the sound. Miss you!