Sunday, September 14, 2008

The Hat

This is Lola's new hat. My mom bought it for her the other day at Babies R Us bc Lola was getting impatient and fussy, so Mom yanked it off the shelf she was close to just to give Bee something to hold. Then she put it on her head thinking she'd yank it off like she does with all hats. Oh, no, she decided she liked the hat and, needless to say, we couldn't leave the store without the hat. Well, it's become a silly thing around the house bc she likes to wear it while she's playing. It's kinda cute, I guess. :) It could be much worse.

Below: That's Lola sitting in my lap reading one of her favorite books. (Thanks, Jami & Jaxon!) I luv the pictures, too, bc although they're from a modern Japanese illustrator, they look like old pictures that would have been in my old books as a kid.


Jami said...

Ahh, I'm so glad she likes it. That's exactly why I picked that one!!

Jodi said...

Lolly Lo wants to be "gangsta" these days!! hahaha!