Sunday, September 14, 2008

Coco & Lola

This afternoon after church, Kendall got called into work unexpectedly so Bee and I were left alone all afternoon. Ugh! So, after our traditional Sunday nap, she decided it was time for a snack. Here she is trying to get into the pantry. That's Coco at her feet. Lola luvs horses, so Coco is probably her favorite toy of all. Her Mamma Patsy bought it for her a few months ago and she just luvs her. (We added the yellow bow on her tail ourselves. We had to make her a little girly.) And, as you can tell, once Lola got her snack, she decided Coco needed one too.

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Torres Family said... did some MAJOR blogging! My eyes are tired...

It is so cute that Lola thought of her horsie's needs. What a compassionate little girl!