Thursday, August 7, 2008

Great book

I'm reading this book by Dr. Tim Kimmel, and let me just say that it's sooooo good. There are a bazillion parenting books/theories/studies/etc. out there so it's been hard to find sound Christian parenting advice in a book. Max Lucado wrote the foreword in this, so that really meant something to me as far as its legitimacy. I've asked around and pretty much everyone has their own favorite books, so I found this on my own and I highly recommend it. It's also teaching me a lot about my own Heavenly Father's way of parenting His children. The idea is not to raise merely an "obedient" child, but to demonstrate God's love through our parenting. Sounds a little deep, but it's an easy read and I'm learning so much!

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Carri said...

OMG!!!!! This is my FAVORITE parenting book, too!!! Changed me forever. I re-read it every few months!