Friday, August 15, 2008

Casa Bonita, Part 1

For about a week now, Kendall and I had been planning on taking Lola to Casa Bonita for dinner on Friday night. We had several things come up that caused us to consider rescheduling it, but we ended up sticking to our plan and going. It was such a nice little evening! We were curious to check out Casa to see if it really was restored to its original glory, as well as introduce Bee to Casa. It did not disappoint! We sat in the waterfall room (as usual) and it was clean and freshly painted and our food was quite tasty. Hopefully it'll stick around for years to come bc I just heart that place!

Below: This picture makes this mama proud. It's Bee enjoying her first ever sopapilla! She's now a fan of that heavenly little square of delicious goodness.

Below: Lolabee enjoying her first real ride ever! She chose the pony (no surprise there) and, giddy up, off she went. (With KJ as back-up, of course.) She had so much fun. I don't think she ever quit smiling! It's a good thing she's got a Bobcat (my dad) who is a rancher bc I think she's got a pony coming up in her future :) Being a rockin' cowgirl is in her genes!


Jodi said...

Umm, the last time I went to Casa was with Justin and it was gross! It looks like it was busy though. Did you take LoBee to the puppets??

Torres Family said...

I know I say this everytime, but Lola is so CUTE. I just want to eat her up. From her adorable outfits to her spunky hair...I love it all.