Thursday, August 28, 2008

Silver Dollar City

On Saturday of our vacation we went to Silver Dollar City for the day. It was so hot and humid! The forecast had been calling for thunderstoms for all three days that we would be in Branson, but luckily it held off and all we got was sunshine and humidity. (And frizzy hair) We had so much fun. I think I've already said that about ten times already, but we did!

The picture below was taken on our way out of the park, hence Lola's bare feet. We were all beat. I was determined to get a family pic in front of this pretty area, so although my camera battery was dead, (Note to self: Always recharge the batteries the night before, no matter what. Oh, and bring the right charger.) I was able to save the last drop of juice in hopes of getting this shot. And it worked! I had to give up some possible cute pics inside the park in hopes of preserving just enough battery for 1 pic. The friendly staff at SDC took this pic for us and I'm so thrilled! I get kinda crazy about stuff like this. It would have driven me nuts to have missed a family pic in front of the sign of wherever we're at. It bugs KJ that I get so "determined" at times. I just like knowing that years down the road I'll be able to see that picture and know immediately exactly where we were at. Anyway....

Below: First ride of the day and "Low Battery" is already flashing on my camera! I don't know this, so the panic hasn't set in yet. Just enjoying our ride in the butterfly.

Below: Getting really panicky bc "Low Battery" is really flashing fast at this point. KJ knows how I get about missing shots of memories, so he's trying to get Bee to wave at me before the camera dies for good. Plus, it's always fun to see a 6'3" tall guy squeeze into the back of a giant frog. Especially if it's Kendall. Gotta get a pic of that.

Below: Two drops of battery juice left. Gotta get a pic of Lola and KJ sharing Succotash. KJ had been talking about wanting some Succotash for a couple of months now. It was his goal once we got to SDC. I didn't know what it was, so in case you don't either, it's basically corn, potatoes, chicken, okra, peppers, and onions all cooked in a giant cast-iron skillet. He woofed it down with a little help from Lola.

Stay tuned for Dixie Stampede and Riding the Ducks! LOL

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Krista said...

mmmmm-mmmmmm! That is making me hungry! Suckotash is some good stuff! It looks like you guys had a great time and I'm sure Lola loved those rides (especially the frog one!). I'm glad you got a free weekend to go.