Saturday, August 30, 2008

Like Mother Like Daughter

I have known from the time that Lola was a baby that once she was old enough, I wanted to get her a "kitchen." I cannot even begin to tell you how much I luved pretending to cook for my grandma when I was little. I had my own playhouse at her and my grandpa's house and we spent countless hours playing "house." Sometimes it'd be more like "drive-thru" where I'd take her order through the little window of the house, and I'd then proceed to whip up her burger and fries or whatever inside my playhouse at my kitchen. I also loved playing "grocery store" and would very often empty her cabinets of canned goods just to play. I luved playing store and sacking up the groceries...the cash register, (a.k.a. calculator; especially the ones with real paper so I could give my customers a receipt! Speaking of which, these were the days when Wal-Mart used to have neon green price tags on everything. Y'all remember that?!) , and all the fake food. I luved fake food! I specifically remember the little boxes of Duncan Hines cake mix. Kendall loves to laugh at these stories. In fact, most of my family likes to laugh at me bc they know how it was! Once Lola's old enough, an EZ Bake Oven will be next. Talk about exciting! I loved my EZ Bake. I guess my love for domesticity was apparent even back then.

Well, as it turns out, Lola's Aunt April and favorite cousin Seth recently bought her her own kitchen! They found it at a garage sale for $10 and let me tell you: It is in mint condition! They knew the sellers and said it was like brand new anyway, but obviously, they still disinfected it and everything before giving it to us. You'd never know it was used. And, it's safe to say that Lola LOVES her kitchen! Makes me so proud. She really enjoys cooking for us and her babies. (It's apparent that one of her little stuffed horses has a thing for strawberries and a fried egg. I had no idea!) It's so fun to just sit back and watch her beginning to use her imagination. The only thing she's not so great at is doing dishes.

Below: Taking a break to enjoy some "pudding." We're working on saving electricity, so don't mind the fact that she's leaving the icebox door open.

Below: Checking on her baked bottle of dish detergent...

Below: Thinking she's so funny with that green pepper...

Below: Lately, Lola's learned how to walk around on her tippy toes. She does it most when she's being silly. I just think it's so cute. Here she's doing it to reach the top shelf to turn on some music. (And, in case you're curious, that's an onion by her left foot. I realize it looks like a white, human heart...)

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