Thursday, August 14, 2008

Just a Family Day

Last Sunday afternoon when it was 105 degrees outside -- literally -- Lola and I decided to drag Kendall to the pool. Sundays are his only day off each week (and, in the heat of summer, that's not even a guarantee) so our Sundays typically consist of going to church, having lunch, then napping. So, while he was thinking he'd enjoy his only day to stay INDOORS all day in the nice air conditioning...Surprise! We begged him to go with us to the pool. And, being the sweet daddy that he is, he obliged. Yes, it was miserably hot. However, we had lots of fun this day. We even topped it off with BBQ at Knotty Pine. :) We cherish times like this to simply be a little family bc it's not very often we have a whole day to just be together.

Below: Me and Lola. And, btw, you will rarely see me in pictures bc I am always most comfortable staying behind the camera. However, since this blog is also serving as a modern-day baby book for Lola, I will occasionally pop up in some pics just so that she'll know I really was there!
Below: Kendall had just helped Lola go down this mini slide. It only looks like she's a rabid dog getting ready to attack KJ. She's really just laughing. She's always very impressed with herself after making it down this slide. LOL


Krista said...

Very cute! Its nice you can have a fun day at the pool!

Justin said...

lola does look a little like jasper in that last pic.

Torres Family said...

Kendall is such a trooper. I remember when Steven worked on a golf course during the summer. He was always so drained! I love seeing all the pics of your family. You guys are so cute.