Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Sunshine Day

Below: Taking a quick grape/strawberry/cookie/water break. I was bribing her with the snacks. That's the only reason she's actually sitting still and looking at the camera. This normally never happens!

Below: Capt. Lola...She LOVED this boat! Maybe she's watched too much "Deadliest Catch" with Daddy. She'd say, "Fish?"

Below: Exhausted and ready to go home. Since she'd had no nap today, she literally feel asleep in the car once I put it in drive.

Today, Lola and I went to the swimming pool at Nienhuis Park. It's new, clean, and just down the street from my house. Now, granted, we could have stayed home and used the free neighborhood pool (gotta get something out of those homeowner's association dues), but we wanted to try something new. Nienhuis was great! We stayed in the toddler area and Lola had a blast. Once she got the hang of climbing into this padded boat, she never wanted to leave it. There was a cute teeny tiny slide at the end of it, but she was more interested in "driving" the boat and just sitting up front.

However, after today I have made myself a new rule for the future: Toddler pools are for TODDLERS. (And their guardians, obviously.) That's all I'm going to say about that.

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Andrea and Joshua Jones said...

We go to that pool at least 2 times a week! We will be there on friday probably around 11 or 12. You should try to make it out. I totally know what you mean about the toddler pool being for toddlers!!! :)