Monday, July 28, 2008

Dogs, Frogs & Chalk

** Jan, at lunch today you requested pics of Lola with Izzy. Here you go! I wanted to post these anyway, so you gave me a great excuse!

A couple weeks ago, after we finished dinner, Lola and her Gramby went out back to play with Izzy and ride the 4-wheeler. (Lola is a true nature girl and is ALWAYS most content outdoors. It doesn't matter how hot it is.) She likes it best when Izzy chases her. So, that's what they did for the evening, and later her Nana and Poppers came by with sidewalk chalk. This was Lola's first time to play with it. I'm hoping she'll enjoy crafts and projects as much as I do once she's older, so I don't know why I haven't got her chalk sooner! Later, a friendly little frog decided to join in and that's how the rest of the evening went: Lola chasing a frog.

Below: This pic cracks me up bc Izzy looks so fierce. And she's just not!

Below: Izzy's attempting to lick some leftovers off Lola's face. And Lola let her.

Below: This is just before Lola decides that Frog is friendly and not worth freaking out over. Look at his little legs! So funny.

Below: Still fiddling with the frog. She WANTS him! Sorta...

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Jan said...

Love, Love, Love the pics of Lola & Izzy! They look like great pals! Can't wait to see pics of Lola when whe actually catches that frog. You know how little kids tend to squeeze things b/c they don't know any better? I'm wondering if she'll be traumatized or think it's funny? I'll bet she thinks it's funny until she realizes the frog won't play with her anymore. :)