Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Cal's Room

Around the time that Cal was born, Kendall and I were already discussing selling our house. Because of that, it made it hard to want to invest much money into really decorating anything. However, we felt that Cal needed to have his own little space for the time being so we opted to paint the walls dark chocolate. I knew I wanted chocolate syrup brown, not brownie mix brown or anything with much red...or gray...just chocolate syrup. We found it! And, that's about the extent of Cal's nursery! My mom bought him some sheets and a mini comforter on clearance at Target. And that's all the room had in terms of decorating until two months ago. I was sick and tired of walking into an empty room, so I decided that I was going to break out some of the stuff I had been saving for Cal's new bedroom. It wasn't a lot, but just some stuff I'd been saving up. It was fun to put them to use to add some "boyness" to his room without caring what future buyers would think. I had been leaving the walls bare bc I didn't want to make nail holes bc we were told by the stager that came over that buyers like getting the feel that it's a brand new house. Well, that was okay for the first part of the year, but at this rate, I'm still the one having to live here and I want a few things on the wall.

These are posters that I had my mom get back home in Hominy. They plaster these posters all over town bc the Pawnee Bill Wild West Show is just a few towns over. Last year's posters looked like vintage prints, so as soon as I saw them I knew I needed them. She hit up several businesses around town to see if they'd let her have them when they got ready to take them down -- and they were kind enough to give them to her! Until I can decide what to do for them, they're just hanging on twine with clothespins from his ceiling.

This is a copy of Kendall's Ferdinand book from when he was a kid. His mom gave us a bunch of his old books a couple years ago and I knew they'd be perfect in a little boy's room -- if we ever had a son. So, now they make their home on Cal's shelf. We read them; it's not just for looks. I thought it was funny that Ferdinand made an appearance on The Blindside.

Just some cowboy pop that I spotted while grocery shopping one day. And a deer antler that Kendall found one afternoon while exploring at my parents' house back home.

Kendall's little wooden toy from when he was a kid. Cal's newborn moccasins. I'm a quarter Osage so my kids have their native cards as well. Cal got his Osage name on his first birthday: Hom-Mah-Saun. It means "sentry elk," meaning he's "outside of the herd, a guard, looks out." Granted, the deer antler above isn't an elk antler, but it's kinda close enough...
We made these shelves after a quick trip to Lowes. Once again, inexpensive was the key. I think they're kind of industrial :) We made the exact same shelves five years ago in our apartment. The framed picture on the top shelf was given to us before a garage sale a few years ago from Kendall's grandma. It's a little funny bc she thought I'd like it since I was Indian. It's really old and dusty. Just another thing I kept in case I ever had a son.

The rest of the stuff is just a little stereo that I use to play classical music during Cal's naptime. Little Golden Books. Piggy bank. I Heart Tulsa postcard. All in all, this stuff was basically free!

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