Wednesday, July 28, 2010

All because of the towels

Back in the wintertime, I was at Target and came across the most beautiful, soft, and BLEACH-FRIENDLY aqua-colored towels. I always thought about those towels. Then, they went on a heckuva sale in the spring, so I bought some, along with a matching bathmat, with plans of saving them for our "new" house when the time came. Well, here we are about 4 months since buying them, and I decided I wasn't waiting anymore. Out they came. I washed them and they are AWESOME. So, so soft. I love that I can add bleach to them too and really get them germless.

I am obsessed with that pretty aqua color so I made a shower curtain to complement the towels. In my dream world, the walls would be painted a very soft creamy vanilla color; in reality, I have to deal with the khaki. I'm pretty pleased with how the shower curtain turned out. I got it at Kohls on sale, and then added the scrap pieces at the bottom. It's just a mishmash of old Amy Butler, cheapy polka dots, Alexander Henry, and some other stuff that I don't even know the origins of. The next time I make ruffles on something (like later today) I'll know to use almost double the amount that I really think I need. These ruffles were supposed to be more pleated but I ran out of fabric! I was inspired by Gussy's ruffles. She's one of my favorite bloggers :)

This is just some free decor. That blue glass thing was something my mom had. I think it came off of old electric poles or something? The tall glass bottle is being saved until I can do this to it. It was really a used-up bottle of Giada de Laurentis' salad dressing! I have a plan for it, but just haven't got to it yet. The small glass vase/cup was something I picked up a few years ago and had sitting in my closet. I filled it with sand from our recent trip to Mexico, along with the shells we brought home to Lola. The fish is a project Lola made at Bass Pro at Easter. I figured it fit the scheme.
This last pic is a gaudy gold frame that I had in my closet as well. I sprayed it red and added some "art." That's really a t-shirt from my honeymoon in Santa Barbara, CA. Kendall and I fell in love with their food. All of the little surfer diners were so good bc they served like homecooking, but with lots of fresh fruit and stuff. YUM! It's the only thing I really have from the honeymoon so I couldn't bear to throw it away. (It doesn't fit anymore. Can't imagine why.) I just folded up the sleeves and pinned them so they stayed flat, then framed the whole thing. FREE!!! Someday I might make it into a cute dress for Lola, but until then, I needed something on that wall to go with my "new" bathroom.


mandiegirl said...

I've made some Gussy-inspired dish towels for my kitchen! Cute shower curtain! :)

Melissa Stover said...

so funny that we have that same fish in our bathroom from VBS crafts. love the shower curtain.