Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Great Product

Friends, y'all know when I luv a product I can't help but share it. Here's one of my latest: Seventh Generation Lavendar & Mint dish soap. It works as well as any other dish soap I've used, but its scent is what I like the most about it. The mint is just awesome! It always makes my dishes and the area around my sink smell so fresh and clean and minty. Try it!

I know some of you enjoy labeling me as a "tree hugger" (YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE!) but it's just not true! The truth of the matter is, I'm not hard core about trying to live green, I just like to do little things here and there. And why not? Ever since Lola came along, I've learned sooo much about attempting to live a more green lifestyle. I buy organically when I can afford it and have made steps in my daily life that just simply reduce the amount of junk I leave behind. Those darn plastic bags are the worst!! (Thank heavens that Reasor's and Wal-Mart both provide large containers at their entrances where you can recycle your old plastic bags. Although I use fabric shopping bags most of the time, no matter what, I always end up with sacks from here and there. I let mine accumulate, then take them every month or so to their recycling box.) Recycling has become a bigger deal for our household as well, and it's just so simple to do! I want the next generation on to have pretty parks and fields to enjoy and for everything not to be all scummed up.

So, all that to say that swapping out my household cleaners is just another easy to step in protecting the air we breathe inside our home. Some studies have shown that the air inside our houses can be more polluted than what's outdoors! I guess there tends to be a lot of toxins and other gross stuff in common soaps, candles, carpet fibers, air fresheners, etc. So, Seventh Generation has many great products but this is my favorite. For other cleaning, I've made a mixture of vinegar and water to serve as my all-purpose cleaner around the house, and it REALLY does work as well as my old Windex or whatever all-purpose product I was using. (I was Windex-ing everything!) And, the best part of the vinegar/water solution is that it's so cheap! (And, no, the smell doesn't stick around. I know, I know..vinegar doesn't smell too great, but no longer than you can smell it, it doesn't make much difference.) And, did you know that vinegar is a powerful antibacterial product? It's got many, many great properties so that's why I feel confident in using it so much.

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Jodi said...

Yes, I think you are a tree hugger.. Still do.