Wednesday, October 1, 2008


That's David Blaine above. We saw him one afternoon while we were in Central Park. He was supposed to be breaking some record for hanging upside down for like 3 days or so. It was called "Dive of Death." Well, as you can see, he's clearly not hanging upside down. In fact, for the hour we were wandering around, he actually spent only about 20 minutes total actually hanging upside down. The rest of the time he was stretching, moving around, having guys help him stretch, and this is him taking a break to pee and have a snack. He only had about 4 hours left at this point, and we didn't ever hear what happened to him as far as if he beat the record or not. I just thought it was kind of a shame that there was so much hype around him and he wasn't even upside down that much. I heard he was risking his eyesight to do this stunt, but surely, no more than he actually was upside down, he can still see!

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