Monday, October 20, 2008

I'm Still Alive

Hello! It's been a few weeks since I last posted. I don't want my blog to become just another task to have to keep up with, so that's part of the reason I haven't posted. I was beginning to find myself stressing about "What am I going to blog about today?!" as if it were something I was being graded on. However, the truth of the matter is not much has been happening around here. Well, that's not entirely true, but at least nothing has been going on really worth blogging about.

However, for the sake of the few of you who are awaiting something new -- and are tired of seeing David Blaine -- here's a few favorite pics I've taken in the past month or so. Once again, nothing extraordinary, but at least something new.

Below: Bee & KJ horsing around while I tried to pack for NYC.

Below: Bobcat at his first 60th birthday dinner at a steakhouse in Pawnee. That cake was DELICIOUS. German Chocolate from Reasor's. Once again, Reasor's failed me not. I like this pic bc it shows Dad in the way that I always picture him first when he comes to mind.

Below: This is Lola after her second night of the traditional Osage In-Lon-Schka dances in Hominy. Lola & Gramby danced a few times this evening and at the point that KJ & I got there, she had had enough. It was back in June, it was hot, it was bathtime, she was tired. Yes, she was trying to attack me with a baby hanger. Man, were her little feet nasty once we took off her moccasins.

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Cassy Russell said...

'Bout time! :-) I've been thinking, She is dodging posting until she is ready to tell everyone she is expecting Baby No. 2!!