Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The Truth of the Matter

The truth is out: I'm having another baby! I have been EXTREMELY sick due to the pregnancy, therefore despite efforts to keep the news to ourselves, we have decided to go ahead and share the news to hopefully put many people at ease. Lots of family and a few friends were becoming quite concerned that my "illness" was lingering. And, as was the case when I was pregnant with Lola, morning (aka 24/7) sickness has moved in and decided to make itself at home. I learned I was pregnant the day before I left for NYC. I'm just over 8 weeks along and the new baby should be here around June 1. I've found myself almost on a daily basis in contact with my doctor and his OB nurse as well as a trip to urgent care for an IV, tried three different prescription medications, an over-the-counter med, combinations of vitamins, as well as homeopathic products all in the search of something that will help with the nausea/vomitting. (I know, that's gross.) Anyway, I am feeling a little better and am hopeful that this new medicine will do its job. However, it knocks me out....if it's not one thing it's another! We're excited about Baby #2, though! I just have to remind myself that in the end all of this is worth it :)


Jodi said...

Yeah!! I am glad that it is "out"!! :) Are you feeling any better??

jenny said...


Torres Family said...

We were so excited to hear of your great news. Having two kids is so much fun. It's so amazing to look at your newborn and know the stages to come. Congratulations to you both. We'll be praying for your sickness to ease up. I know you have it so rough.