Monday, November 1, 2010


Our latest Clark Grizzwold adventure....
Being that KJ has a science degree in all things grass, it has made things interesting for our yard. The first few years were spent with me dragging around a hose twice a day in the blazing hot summer so the sprinkler could water the yard. I know the neighbors probably got a kick out of seeing me in my nice work clothes on the way to a deposition, dragging this thing around and then running like heck to avoid getting sprayed. (It always nailed me, though.) KJ was still working as an assistant superintendant at Cedar Ridge at that point, so frankly, he couldn't have cared less about our yard bc he'd deal with that for 15 hours a day at the golf course. He'll tell you that himself. It was always funny that our neighbors knew he was the "grass guy" yet our yard was the funkiest on the street. Yard Man at the end of the street looked like the expert on grass; that guy's always up to something.
Then KJ installed an irrigation system in our front and back yard. Yahoo! Bless his heart, the almanac showed that weekend to be the best time to do a project, so that's what he planned for. Got all the supplies, the weather was looking great for February. Then the day before he started it got blistering cold and actually ended up snowing lightly while putting it all in.
Then last year we had pretty much brown, crunchy grass year-round bc of a simple mistake involving fertilizer and the weatherman's forecast for rain -- which didn't happen.
Then this year we didn't want to mess with it too much bc we thought our house would sell soooner, so what's the point?

The house didn't sell, so here we are in late September and he decides he's going to scalp the yard and seed it with rye grass. (Which should stay green year-round.) So, while everyone else's yards were still green and nice, our yard looked like, basically, dirt. He set the irrigation system to water several times a day and promised me that the seed would germinate in 7-1o days. I was told to keep off the grass. Don't smash it. Keep the kids off. I waited. And waited.
And he was right!! The warm weather we've had really boosted it so now it's the most vibrant green grass! So, I was laughing with our neighbor the other day that while they all had green grass, we had brown crunchy dirt grass; now that their yards are all fading, we finally have green grass.
KJ likes to think that the rye really helped our house to sell last week. It certainly didn't hurt. Now the poor guy who moves in here will have to mow year-round. LOL
I contributed the pansies :)

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amanda torres said...

That is really, really funny!