Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Harvest Party 2010 (Lolabee)

I'm a co-homeroom mom for Lola's preschool class. I wasn't even sure what all a homeroom mom does since this was my first exposure to it; luckily, a friend of mine decided we'd wing it together! This was our first party to plan and it went great. Allison really did most of the planning, I just handled the craft project. Big surprise, I know!

There was lots of costumes, snacks, colorful cupcakes, pumpkin bowling, dancing/jumping/getting the sillies out, and a craft. We were going to have a storytime and read The Parable of the Pumpkin Patch, but my copy was boxed up and the store was sold out. The kids had lots of fun anyway.

Below: The pumpkin people! I basically made all 15 kids a pumpkin person the night before and they only had to glue on the face and stem; the boys got navy boots and blue bowties to put on their people (I should have got a pic bc they were cute) and the girls got fuschia high heels and hairbows. KJ helped cut out all of the little pieces the night before with me. He was such a trooper to spend 30 minutes cutting out tiny high heels and boots for his princess's class. :) (He really wanted to go to bed.)


amanda torres said...

So adorable, but why are there eggs on Lola's costume? Kidding!!! I absolutely love her costume. She is the cutest gnome ever...well...besides Cal.

Tina said...

I thought Lola was doing a dance. Looks like the party was a hit.