Monday, November 15, 2010

Homemade Hayride (minus the hay)

Lola was so impressed with the short hayride she went on at the corn maze. I assured her that PoppaBobcat could make one at his house that would last longer. She held me to that promise.

Once my birthday rolled around, I knew just what I wanted: I wanted Lola to get her hayride and I wanted KJ to get to go hunting. I could knock both of these out with one trip back home. This is KJ's busy season so between work and moving in and out of a house, this was probably his only shot to go hunting. I knew two of my favorite people would be so happy to go home and get their wishes. Lola was PUMPED for her hayride. PoppaBob didn't quite understand what all the excitement was about, but was more than happy to make up a quick hayride for his girls.

Except for Poppa didn't use hay. His big round bales were being saved for their actual intent: to feed his cattle this winter. How dare he! (just kidding, Dad.) However, he claims it was because he didn't think the kids would want to get all itchy-scratchy from the hay.

So instead he rigged up his trailer with a few blankets, his cow dog, the kids (Lola, Cal, and cousins Teagan & Payton), the moms, and Gramby and off we went. The kids loved it. Lola gagged at the smell of the diesel truck, but had fun nevertheless. It was a little chilly, but Cal, being Mr. Tough Guy, fought hard to not have to stay covered in the blanket. He finally gave in to the 30-year-old blue knitted one, though.

Good times. Simple pleasures.

Awww, that cute baby calf -- which you can't even see in this pic bc he darted off. Oh well. I love going home....
Peaceful country and homemade birthday cake. :) :) :) :)

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Tina said...

Yeah I missed the hay too, but not the itchy scratchy, nothing makes us happier than having all of us together. BUT the cake was a box "sorry". We have next year to look forward to, and the snow again who doesn't like to ride on a car hood?