Wednesday, April 1, 2009


On Monday mornings, Lola attends preschool at First Baptist Church-Broken Arrow. She LOVES it. The Monday kids' specialty class is gymnastics. The other days, it's like sign language and something else?? Anyway, I've always been so curious to get to see what they do at gymnastics, but have never had the chance to sneak back to the church gym to spy. (Parents are actually allowed to watch, but they're asked to stay on the upper floor of the gym somewhat out of sight in case their kid freaks out if they spot mom/dad.) It was so funny to see Bee with her little friends! She must really enjoy "gymnastics" bc I don't think she ever stopped smiling the whole 15 minutes they were there. Towards the end, though, she spotted me up top taking pics. I knew she'd be okay with it, though, bc she's not usually one to cry or want me if she's having a good time with her pals. (This happens a lot at church.) Below are a few of the pics.

Below: The lady on the left in navy blue is one of her teachers, Doby. The lady on the left in the green is her other teacher, Nikkoli. The lady in black in the middle is the gym teacher, Patty. Oh, and that's Bee climbing out from that cube thing.

Below: This was my favorite part of the class. I had no idea Lola could do a hand stand! Granted, Patty helps them get into position, but she held herself for long enough that I was very impressed! It was funny to see how proud they each were after plopping back down onto the ground.

Below: Spotted!


Jami said...

That is so fun and cute (makes me miss my childhood)! :)

Justin said...

I'm totally making her do a handstand next time I see her!

Carri said...

OMG!!! Miss Patty was Cal's first gymnastics teacher at TWOG!! We LOVED her! I totally cried when she told us she was leaving TWOG to teach at her church!