Thursday, April 9, 2009

Egg Hunt

On Sunday, our church hosted an Eggstravaganza for the the preschoolers. The one we attended was after church for all of the preschool volunteers' kids -- thus making the age group very varied. Kendall and I both volunteer on Sundays, so we weren't able to take her to the first round of the hunt.

Lola didn't know what she was getting into other than we had been telling her she was going to find eggs and put them in her new basket. She seemed to understand the concept, but when it came time to fill her basket, she got shy. Frankly, I think she was a little intimidated bc there were so many bigger kids who were there that were just waiting to dive in. As you can tell from the picture above, the eggs weren't hidden. They were just set out in the middle of the Treasure Island room. However, they did let the youngest kids go first, so Lola was able to get some eggs. Her friend, Avery, was on hand to help so that I could sit back and get pictures. She didn't get any special eggs with tickets for Chick-Fil-A inside, but she did manage to get some "chockit!!!" (chocolate Hershey kiss). Hence the last picture.

And, just so you know, every evening we've had to hide the eggs in the house so she can re-hunt them.

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