Wednesday, April 8, 2009

918 Coupon Queen

Last night I attended a coupon class taught by the 918 Coupon Queen, Sarah Roe. It was wonderful! She's a mom who learned the "science" of couponing and is gladly sharing her knowledge with those of us interested. She's featured on Channel 8 on Friday mornings and also in Community Spirit magazine, some on the radio, etc.

I'm so excited to start stockpiling my coupons and paying closer attention to sales ads to get the best bang for my grocery buck. (She taught us about saving money on other things besides groceries, but since we don't spend much on other non-necessities, groceries are our biggest expense.) I wish I could have kept count of how many times my jaw literally dropped after hearing some of her amazing stories. For example, she bought her kids approximately $400 worth of toys for Christmas for $40. She has toothpaste built up for, like, a year that she got for free through couponing! It was just amazing! It will definitely take practice to get good at it, but I'm always a willing learner so I can't wait to start putting what I learned to good use.

Check out her blog here.


Torres Family said...

I have been working on my couponing skills and competitor ads. so far we're saving about $50/month, but I do plan on getting better. If you had any 'ah-ha' moments...let me know. We're getting ready to go down to one income so I can stay home with the kids.

Cassy Russell said...

As the coupon lady is with toothpaste, I am with air freshener. BOGOs are the best!! I clip coupons out of Sunday's paper and have learned I use a lot of Proctor & Gamble products. (Hmm, stock options, maybe?) I love hearing the Wal-Mart cashier say, "You saved $12.97." Not a lot, but it adds up.