Monday, March 23, 2009


Last weekend I attended a photography class called SnapShop. It was all day long and pretty intense. I learned soooooo, sooooo much. I have always appreciated pretty photography, but frankly knew NOTHING about it. And, on top of that, it didn't help to have family and friends make remarks about how I needed to learn how to do it bc I have an "eye" (their words, not mine) for craftiness, etc. , and they knew I could do it. This was really encouraging to me.

Well, about a year or two ago I learned of a photographer at my church, Ashley, and quickly became hooked to her blog/website. Every morning I check it out just to see recent pics and get cool ideas for lots of things. I was so inspired by her work that for Christmas Kendall bought me a very nice camera and lens so I could learn more about photography. And, as luck would have it, Ashley was going to take a break from photography, but begin offering photography classes! I was beyond thrilled to finally get a chance to dive into photography without having to go for semester(s) at a college, etc. (Which I had checked into a million times.)

So, last weekend was the big day and it was, quite simply, AWESOME. Ashley was a great teacher and was able to take some stuff that was pretty technical, but explain it in a way that made sense to me. Plus, there were only 10 of us, so it allowed plenty of time to ask questions and just jump in. I learned a lot about photography, but still have so much to learn. (And lots of practice ahead of me.) However, I'm having so much fun learning to tell stories with my pics. Even if no one ever saw anything I photographed, I would love it just as much bc I feel like now I have the "tools" to start narrating my family's lives through pics. I just want to look back in years from now and have real-life, pretty pics of my kids and family, rather than stiff, posed, unnatural traditional photos.

So, to gain plenty of practice, don't be surprised if I show up with my camera the next time I see you!


jasonandchrista said...

Oh my goodness, what fun! I would love to take that class someday. I love the pictures of Lola in your previous post. She's so precious.
See you Sunday!

Jamie said...