Thursday, March 12, 2009


(Beware of the fake smile below. This is happening more and more these days....)
Obviously, Lola has inherited my love for shoes. (She even likes to mismatch her plastic ones with Disney princesses on them.) I buy about 97% of my clothes at Target, but when it comes to shoes, I'll splurge on a good sale at Dillard's. That's not to say I'm a shoe snob, though. I don't care where my clothes/shoes come from. I've even got a very cute pair that I bought for $3 at Dollar General.
Anyways, back to Lola. Whenever it gets too quiet, most of the time I can find her in my closet trying on shoes. She especially likes these bright, melon-colored BCBG heels of mine. Granted, they're hardly ever on the right feet, but she loves to clomp around in them anyway. When I've had enough of her messing up my shoes in the closet, she does occasionally retreat to Kendall's work boots. This is always funny bc they go over her knees and she really can't walk in them, so she ends up just standing in place the whole time. I need to get a pic of that.


jasonandchrista said...

How adorable! She's so much fun in nursery, maybe I should bring some shoes next Sunday! I'm sure she and the other girls would have a blast!
Have I mentioned how wonderful Lola is today? :)
-Christa Clark

Paperlicious Girls said...

Check out =)

Torres Family said...

FINALLY! You're blogging again. I can't tell you how many times I've checked your page in the past month to only read..."There's the Weiner." Which is exciting nonetheless, but I was craving more. Lola is getting cuter every time I see her. I hope your feeling well!

Jodi said...

I want to see some of these fancy pictures!! Minnie is still waiting for her photo shoot (I have not forgotten!!).