Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Visit to Santa

Since before Lola was born, I knew I wanted to have lots of family traditions. Traditions are so special and I love creating our own memories now that we have our own family. So, since last Cmas was Lola's first, we (okay, I) decided that we'd make it our tradition to visit the Santa House at Utica Square each year. Afterwards, we'd take time to stroll through the square and check out the Nutcracker music boxes and all the lights. Now, granted, the Santa at Utica Square doesn't have a real beard and his little house and background for pics is not the prettiest. Compared to the pics I see of friends' kids at the mall or other places, this Santa get-up could use some updating. However, I love the idea that the chances are pretty good that in many, many years from now, Santa will still be at the Square. It's not like they're going to shut down anytime soon. (At least I hope not.) And, you can take your own pics with your personal camera, or buy theirs for $5. We always do both. Afterwards, Santa or Mrs. Claus will give you a cookie. Love it!!!

Below are pics from last year and also this year's visit. Because we've been so busy the past month, we didn't make it to Santa until Dec. 22! And, as luck would have it, it was something like 20 degrees outside this evening. It was FREEZING!!!!

Below: I always have to have a pic of Lola outside the Santa House. (She couldn't walk at this point last year.)
Below: She's saying "Cheeeeese."

Below: This pic is blurry bc I was laughing so hard while trying to take the pic. Also, Lola's wildly flailing arms didn't help. My camera couldn't handle that much action. I think Santa was just trying to keep his beard on.

Below: Notice Santa's face on this one. I think he was ready for her to leave. LOL As soon as this pic was taken, Kendall picked up Lola and she was still a little hysterical. However, Santa reached over for his basket of goodies and said, "Would you like a cookie?" and Lola immediately stopped bawling and cheerfully replied "Yes!!!" She gets that from her momma. Sweets always make everything better.

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