Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Christmas Projects

I love crafting and am hoping that Lola will too. I'm always trying to find simple things for her to do at home. At this point, she loves drawing and stickers. It thrills me when I pick her up from preschool and she has a picture or little project for me. No matter what it is, I think it's adorable and takes center stage on the icebox.

Kendall got Lola a make-your-own gingerbread house kit back in early December. He assembled it for her but let her decorate it. She had so much fun sticking all of the little pieces of candy on her house. It was quite messy, but she loved it. Once completed, it became our dining room table's holiday centerpiece.

And, being the Martha Stewart junkie that I am, I bought lots of her Christmas art supplies to do projects with. It was my first attempt at stamps. I don't do it right bc for some reason they never turn out right, but me and Lola still had fun making gift tags and cards. Below are the ornaments she made. It was just cardstock, Martha's stamps, Martha's gingerbread stickers, and ribbon. Lola did all the stamping and sticker-placing, then I just cut circles around the better parts, made a hole at the top, and inserted two types of ribbon. We mailed most of them with Cmas cards to the grandparents. I think we'll do this every year too. I was inspired to do this super easy project after helping decorate my mom's Cmas tree. She has two ornaments on her tree that me and my brother made back in the early '80s when we were really little. They're similiar to what Lola made. She said we made our ornaments at Dillards or some other department store. Back then they had an area where you could leave your kids while you shopped for Cmas gifts. While at this kid drop-off, they had us decorate paper ornaments with markers. Mine was a snowman and my brother's was a traditional ball ornament. I love the idea of having a tree covered in my kids' projects and artwork. I never thought I'd be that type of person. I always wanted the "pretty" tree like out of a magazine. Things have changed so much from my pre-kid days! I want my trees to be full of memories.

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Jodi said...

Girl, we haven't had a craft night in a loooooong time! It's time! Get out the glitter.